17th of October 2012


Mungo Thomson - Negative Space (2006)

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2nd of April 2012

It would seem as though I have transgressed in my role as a blogger. Alas, I have simply lost interest in giving, whoever reads this, a daily update on my boring life. Although much has happened since my last post, I believe that if I need to talk about something, I do so with actual human beings. Or dogs, because dogs are good listeners. My point is that I might not ever make any posts here again. Sorry.

19th of February 2012
How can you frown when seeing that face??

How can you frown when seeing that face??

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16th of February 2012


I haven’t posted anything for a while, because I am unsure as to how I can sum up all of these wonderful things that have been happening to me. I decided not to sum everything up, because those of you who actually know me have already discovered the wonderful things. So I will write about something else.

I had a terrible dream the other night in which a little girl basically told me to watch my back. I have been wondering lately when the good things stop and the bad things come. Because what goes up simply must come down, right? So because of this dream, I’m worried that gravity will take hold of me again soon.

However, I just want to live in this moment, here. Where the good things just keep getting better. Even when I come crashing back to Earth, I’m going to continue living here.

5th of January 2012

Thursday - My Least Favorite Day of the Week

It smells like vinegar in here, and the sun is shining hot out there. The Christmas tree still stands tall, but all the gifts are gone. A dog tries to make herself comfortable in a nest of blankets, but fails and has to circle again. The Internet connection is failing, laptop battery is dying. And I am breathing, thinking of what needs to be done, pumping blood to the toes far below.

4th of January 2012
Chasing Pavements 
1st of January 2012

I Don’t Want You to Have a Happy New Year

I want much more than that for you (every one of you).

I want your new year to be prosperous and safe. A year when you realize life’s possibilities and attack them with ferocity. I want you to decide your resolutions and accomplish them by June. I want you to travel to places you’ve always wanted to see. Cross everything off of your bucket list. Exercise, sleep more, achieve your dreams, laugh until you cry every day, quit that job, get back into doing what you love, run just for the sake of feeling your heartbeat course through your body. I want you to feel alive.

21st of December 2011


I haven’t posted anything substantial for a while. I just don’t have much to say. No, that’s a lie. I have a lot to say, but I don’t want to say it all until I’m sure that I should. Sorry.

15th of December 2011
David Karp - Founder & CEO of Tumblr

David Karp - Founder & CEO of Tumblr

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10th of December 2011
6th of December 2011


You can’t write something off as bad, if you’ve never experienced it. I am almost constantly surrounded by people who believe everything they hear or read. I am sick of it. If you only know what other people think they know, then you know nothing. The world has become a game of hearsay. Here’s my challenge to YOU: do not believe everything, but rather question everything. Get more information on all things. This is easily done through experience. And please, keep some things to yourself. Thank you.

27th of November 2011

I Am In Love

With this. Although it is not the most beautiful lake I have ever seen, it is the largest and most beautiful one within walking distance of my house. It makes me feel so at peace. I can’t understand how so many people can run or bike around it, hardly seeing it, nor feeling what I feel. Many different kinds of animals live happily here. Families make memories here. And I get the honor of soaking it all in. If I had the time, I would sit on the eastern bank for hours and watch the world turn around me.

25th of November 2011

Make Mistakes

A lot of people say that they hate making mistakes. I welcome mistakes.  If you count mistakes as the end-all, be-all of bad things, you miss out on a chance to learn and grow. Mistakes are that door that closes, so that another door may open up across the hall. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And I’m sure they messed up a few times before they called it good.

21st of November 2011

I really wish I could see the world through another person’s eyes.


Personal Stuff

Let me just start off by saying this - I really don’t open up very quickly to people. I’ve had the same best friends for a very long time, and even they don’t know much about me. I just don’t trust people to keep my secrets, because I don’t trust myself to keep theirs. I do have strong morals, but if I can’t see anything ending badly, then I don’t necessarily care what happens, until the end, when bad things happen. However, if someone does tell me a secret and specifically says that it is a secret and I need to keep it, I will die with that secret still untold.

In this blog, I am pretty vague, I don’t get too deep about anything personal. That’s just not something that I do, especially not over the Internet. If you want to get to know me on a more personal level, then just tell me, and I’ll tell you, within reason, and depending on who you are, whatever it is that you want to know. Just don’t ask too many questions. ;)

I have another blog idea, but I just need a few more things for it to be ready. You’re all going to love it. Whoever you all are.

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